Born in Jamaica and raised in Miami, Adiambo “Medici” {Pronounced med-eechi} Riley brings his unique talents to the music world. After graduating from Full Sail University with a masters in Business and bachelors in Recording Arts in Orlando, his ambition to explore every aspect of music brought him to a successful path of singing, songwriting, producing and engineering. 
Furthermore, he is the CEO and co-founder of the independent record label, Lifted Over Everything. 
Riley leads Lifted Over Everything in the business aspect, taking on responsibilities in a variety of the label’s projects. With the determination to give artists a safe environment where they can foster and grow their talents. Riley feels strongly about the future successes of the label. 
His passion drives his constant pursuit of knowledge as well as experience, making him not only an immensely creative talent, but also a true business professional. 
Riley was raised in a musical family who influenced him to be the multi-talented artist that he is today. His accomplishments have allowed him to bring a unique sound to South Florida. Growing up, Riley’s passion for music was evident. After the loss of his mother, he went through a soul searching period, that lead to the decision to pursue music full time.



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